Alpujarra - Lecrin, Spain

Alpujarra - Lecrin Spain

Finca for sale in Bérchules, Spain

Price: €48.000
Beds: 0, Baths: 0
ID Number: 2599

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El Barranquillo

Full Description: Four hectareas of land in the Natural Park. The property is located in a small gully and has plenty of trees (chestnuts, oaks, willows, ...); there is a spring water and a natural balsa (no plastic) with a beautifrul wild life around it. There is a plot of 4.000 sqm for farming and the rest is quite wild ... very suitable to keep horses, for example. It is located 1.5 km. away from the road at an aprox. altitude of 1.400 m. The town of Bérchules is 10 min. away by car.