Poniente Granadino, Spain

Poniente Granadino Spain

Townhouse for sale in Algarinejo, Spain

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Price: 157.000
Beds: 3, Baths: 2
ID Number: 39

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Casa Megias

Full Description: This is a rather special house in a rather special place. Built in the 18th century it is a classic wealthy family's house. The owners would have been major landowners - probably holding huge tracts of Olives - and the house serves as a testament to their status. High ceilings, hardwood joinery, marble sinks, a winecellar, servants' quarters, decorative floors, good ironmongery and delicate grills and balconies all indicate status and taste. The house is on three floors with a total of 14 rooms, two terraces and two courtyards and is packed with unique original detail - huge ceramic wine pots, bronze bowls, a sunken bath for limewash, a fireplace big enough to put a bed in, magnificent loft spaces. The street is quiet and graced with similar properties and views are of the Olive tree speckled hills which surround Algarinejo. The house to date has served as the family seat.
POSSIBLE FUTURE USES: Once restored the property could remain a private house for an extended family or group of friends or go commercial as the town's family Hotel or convert to work/live studio spaces or frankly pretty much anything! It is afterall 517m2 of house!