Poniente Granadino, Spain

Poniente Granadino Spain

Commercial for sale in Pilas de Fuente Soto, Spain

Facade of main house

Price: 295.000
Beds: , Baths:
ID Number: 36

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La Fabrica

Full Description: Huge, amazing, historical, beautiful, are all words which spring to mind. Not so much a building as a world, this vast collection of buildings overflows with possibilities. Space restrictions prohibit more than a summary description of La Fabrica. Set within the urban catchment area of a small and pretty hamlet near the thriving town of Alcala La Real, the site includes a huge (920m2) 19th C wheat mill on four floors with all original features and machinery. Arched and vaulted high ceilings, superb joinery, wrought iron decorative grills and balconies, massive walls of stone and brick, this really is the clasic Cathedral of Industry, the true Deus ex Machina. Next the wealthy family house - vast of course - with decorative lime floors, hardwood joinery, original marble sink, frescos in the stairwell, a terrace the size of a tennis court. Next the factory boss's flat - again a jem with attics, endless rooms, original furniture. then the old mill with mill stones and equipment. On to the workshops, the vaulted garages, a village of outbuildings, courtyards.
POSSIBLE FUTURE USES: Limitless. Examples include an array of residential properties - vast appartments and houses around courtyards with pools. A hotel with self catering rental homes, pool, tennis court etc; a retirement or elderly person's residence; a conference centre; a mid term property investment (hold and sell in five years).