Poniente Granadino, Spain

Poniente Granadino Spain

Cortijo for sale in Montefrio, Spain

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Price: 240.000
Beds: 0, Baths: 0
ID Number: 34

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Cortijo Las Animas

Full Description: Quite simply the most beautiful place to live that I have ever seen (and I have bought over 500 properties). People come to us wanting the Sublime or the Pastoral. They want Opera, Agony and Extasy, High mountains, Nature raw in stone and wood. Or they want Mozart, joy and tenderness, rolling fields, the good life. Nature calmed in shade and lawn. They knew they can't have both. Well, they're wrong. This farm IS both.The house (of stone, big and simple) with her rolling grasslands and stands of 500 year old Cork and Oak trees is true peace and tenderness. But the backdrop, with views over more than 500km of hills, mountains, forests and farmlands is EPIC.
POSSIBLE FUTURE USES: I can think of no better use for the Cortijo Las Animas (the Muses or Spirits, from which english gets Animate) has always been- namely a private farm with farm house. A family home, a place to grow into and with. The land would support all manner of crops and trees, particularly wine grapes, Olives, Pears, Apples, Peaches etc.